What is a Fuel Trailer?

A fuel trailer is the most typical tank found on the roads currently. It is used in the transportation of diesel oil, gasoline, benzene, and some types of corrosive and flammable liquids. Most trailers have not less than two compartments because of the following reasons;

  • Some of the fuels they transport are used for standard vehicles.
  • To ensure the stability of the fluids as the containers fluctuate on a slope on its way.
  • Due to the efficiency principle since they can transport different types of fuels at the same time thereby minimizing the cost of many transportation trips.


Many people still wonder what is a fuel trailer? Some fail even to distinguish it from other containers. Fuel trails have a head, a tank body, and a cylinder. They have different shapes, such as ellipse, rectangular, and circle. For instance, large diesel fuel trailers for sale have a round, rectangular, and ellipse shape because of gaining stability as an essential requirement. These shapes have low gravity, which keeps it more stable. The trailers with high pressure are built in a circle shape. The body of the fuel trailer has a cylinder that is made by welding and coiling the steel plates.


Fuel trailer transports liquids and gases in large volumes. The fuel trailer comes in distinguished models because they handle a wide variety of liquefied loads. The internal structure of a fuel trailer depends on the type of gas or liquid that a specific fuel trailer is designed to transport. The fuel trailers can be insulated or not insulated. Again they can be with pressure or not pressurized. Some models of the fuel trailer are designed in a specific manner to comply with the rules and regulations of the country about the transportation of liquefied loads. Therefore, the structure of fuel trailers varies from one country to another, but their functionality remains the same irrespective of the manufacturer.




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What to look for in a shower screen

Finally, you have made the choice – this is the perfect opportunity to check your outdated shower with another with custom wall glass. Renew your bathroom in a radical light, with more open space and an advanced look.

However, before you begin, you will need to become familiar with the elegant touches you need and the ancillary components you will need to ensure the utmost usefulness and effect. After a while giving custom glass to a frameless shower in the areas for clients who want Adelaide shower screens, we’ve seen temporary slips and slips of workers that could end your task. You do not need to end up with a problem specialist, but understanding the basics can help ensure that the hired worker of your choice builds the new Adelaide shower screens the right way. Here’s how to design glass shower enclosures when renovating your bathrooms.

What angles to use?

Plan your shower with 90 Â, 135 Â or 180 Â edges. Most shower equipment is designed to fit these edges, so preparation can help to ensure that the area wall will work properly and remain financially secure.

Make sure you have door and shower support

Make sure that the divider where you intend to make hinges for your entry has the right support behind. The 2×4 is ideal, but a single 2 × 4 will work. It also gives you wooden nails or a lock where the hinges or entry panels are tied, especially if metal rings were used as part of the first development of the divider.

Shower rings

Do you want to put your shower projector on order or would you rather wash it on the floor? A check exemption can be helpful in arranging a shower that is open to people with disabilities in the region. However, control can prevent water from spilling or accumulating on the floor of the sink.

Maintain a proper slope

Typically, the controls are inclined at a slope of 5 degrees to allow water to flow into the drain. Without this slope – known for a long time as “launching” – the control would have standing water to complete everything or could pour water into the bathroom floor.

Outstanding shower seat

In case you are thinking of an inherent shower situation, make sure the seat is tilted toward the drain at 5 degrees. This allows water to flow from the seat to the drain.

Plumbing walls

With a specific end goal to avoid holes, jagged joints and “hinges”, any separator that meets a glass entry or table must be upright. If the splitter has more than ¼ †of pipe, they will bend to release and will not be attractive.

Minimum width of glass panels

Each glass plate must be at least 4Â “wide, which is the width of the base to handle the glass and support the equipment. The entry should be not less than 22” wide, but approximately 36 “wide.

Glass tiles

When describing your enclosed shower in the area, stay away from any plans that include mounting entry hinges and glass cutouts on glass panels.

These circumstances lead to breakage, which adds time and cost to the region’s new wall.


The backs along the highest point of your shower are called “ceilings”. Thus, in order to maintain a strategic distance from an uneven appearance, your stripes must fit perfectly with the control points listed below.

Position of the shower cubicle

Recommended tip: If possible, try placing the shower head toward tile dividers or fixed plates. This limit spills. Whatever you do, never place the showerhead to another entrance or opening unless you have a low current showerhead or one that is directed toward the floor.

Tiles and overheads for a high touch

The goal of any expert establishment is to ensure that nothing interferes with the development of the entry and does not leave holes between the entry and the partition. This can happen regularly with animated embossed tiles or changing tiles, but they can be modified to take into account the proper use of the entrance. In any case, you should notice that it is here and there using the filling, which can negatively affect the appearance of the finished product. Enquire for premium shower screens now!…

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Best wheels for ford ranger Australia

If you are considering buying wheels for your ford ranger in Australia then you need to make sure that you only buy the best wheels for ford ranger Australia. You would find many types of wheels for your ford ranger but only the best ones would look good and would last for a much longer period. Though there are many stores that sell ford ranger wheels Australia, however, some of them are just there to maximize their profit and won’t be providing you good quality wheels for your ford ranger. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are buying them from a reputed store that cares for their customers.


There are many reputed online stores too that sell ford rangers wheels. They have a wide range of wheels to choose from. So, you can have a look at them and buy the best wheels for ford ranger Australia. The reputed online stores in Australia sell wheels at affordable rates so you don’t need to worry about the price of the wheels when you are buying from them. Moreover, they also offer huge discounts on many products on a regular basis. They also offer free delivery facility all over Australia along with providing 100% satisfaction guarantee and fitment guarantee.


The reputed online stores also have excellent customer support services. So, if their customers have any kind of queries regarding the products they are considering buying, they would happily assist them. In order to make sure that you are buying the best wheels for your ford ranger, you can look for some customer’s reviews before buying them. You need to know that there are many customers’ reviews available online that would help you to determine whether the store you are considering to buy your wheels from are providing good quality wheels along with providing excellent after sales services to their customers.…

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Trusted vendor inspection Adelaide

A property inspection report is one of the mandatory requirements when buying a property. The structure or condition of any location may change over time and depends on its use. Plumbing fixtures may break down and joints may break, and there may even be a change in the structural performance of the building.



Property inspection services are available in all cities. For example, if you live in Adelaide, you can find reliable Adelaide property inspection services in this city. In order to know the real state of a home, it is essential to get a real estate inspection report before you buy it. This makes the owner aware of the existing problems in the proposed space to buy. It also helps to decide whether to buy the property or how much it will cost to repair the damage and whether it is worth the expense.


Benefits of Property Inspection in Adelaide:



The real estate inspection report is typically issued by a certified rental inspector who has good experience in this area. It is a very useful document for interested buyers of a place as they show their status in advance and can use the information to decide whether or not to buy the property. Here’s an overview of the benefits of getting an Adelaide property trusted vendor inspection Adelaide report when buying a property in this city:


It covers the status of all areas of the property such as roof structure, exterior, and interior walls, soil quality, piping, and drainage system. Thus, it provides complete or comprehensive information on the status of the property.

The chartered surveyor examines the building and inspects the entire area for structural defects and major maintenance. This informs buyers if they are going for major repairs and the property is worth spending.

It helps the buyer to decipher the accuracy of the information provided by the seller or the seller

It helps renegotiate the purchase price of defects that were not reported when signing the sales contract.

It can provide information that can be used to allocate additional maintenance costs that may be incurred in the near future, as most of this report contains photographic evidence of particular failures and what is needed to compensate for this failure.

It acts as a time-saving tool because it provides the right information at a critical time, which can help you make the right decisions and prevent huge maintenance in the future.

In summary, it is imperative that a property inspection report is required so that any builder or developer protects against the risk of unknown defects or defects before purchasing the property. It is evaluated by certified surveyors in order to provide preliminary information to builders or developers on the current state of the house or building they are proposing to buy. It also allows you to discover any specific area that requires special attention for repairs.…

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How to find the best places to buy urban wear in Western Australia?

Clothes are a basic essential item of man. From an early age itself, man has been wearing clothes to cover his body from extreme weather conditions. Over time, the clothes have varied in terms of design and quality but the basic idea of wearing clothes remains the same. Today, the world has taken up the highest level of fashion sense, so we find various kinds of clothing and accessories available on the market. There are different kinds of fashions and styles that one can follow in order to cover their body while looking fashionable and trendy. If you want to look classy and pretty, you must know the best places to buy urban wear in Western Australia. There are several stores around you that will sell you urban collection. It is important that you visit the right store in order to find the best clothes at attractive prices.


If you are living in Perth, you will find innumerable stores selling urban fashion wear. If you are new to the city and have no idea where to find the right store with a wide range of collections, you may consider asking the ones living there for a long time. If you do not get any help from people around you, it is a good idea to hop into a few stores and check out their collection in person. When you check out their clothes and accessories along with their prices, you will get an idea about the store. When you have visited a few stores, you would be able to make a prudent decision about the best places to buy urban wear online in Western Australia. If you are living in any other place like Busselton, Albany, or Bunbury, you can do the same there. Although you would have lesser options to choose from, you will certainly find a store that will cater to all your urban fashion needs.


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How Reduce Car Insurance Premium Australia?

Carrying car insurance is imperative to avoid legal fines and accidental disasters. Still, many car owners drive uninsured fearing the high cost of coverage. However, picking a low-cost policy is definitely possible. If you wonder – How to reduce car insurance premium Australia – read below and find out.



Tips to reduce car insurance rates



The rates of insurance are rising at an alarming pace. You can’t stop the rates from rising. However, you may take certain steps on your end to bag affordable coverage. Here’s how.



Keep your car in good condition



Insurers consider your car as an investment. They’d like to know how their investment is nurtured. Companies offer generous discounts on well-maintained vehicles. By keeping your car in good condition, you may lower the rates.



Add safety features



Incidents of vehicle thefts and robberies are not uncommon. What if your car gets stolen? You’ll likely seek compensation from the insurer. That’s a big loss for the insurance company. To recoup the loss, insurers charge a higher rate. You may add enhanced safety, anti-theft devices in your car to deter possible robbery attempts. By doing so, you qualify for a low-cost policy.



Buying two policies from one insurer



If you wish to slash down your premium rates by 20 to 30 percent, buy two different policies from the same insurance provider. For instance, you can buy home insurance and car insurance from the same company. In this way, you could save as much as 30 percent on each policy every year.



Compare and shop



Like any other product, comparison shopping lets you bag an affordable policy. Make a list of reliable insurance providers after searching offline as well as online. Compare their rates, reputation, claim settlement time, and extent of coverage minutely. Finally, choose the company that offers a comprehensive car insurance policy at the most economical rate.…

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Well it’s been a long time coming, better late than never right?!
We’re super excited to let you know the new clothing range is now available for pre-order! This clothing range is made to order, we will have a small selection of the range left after the pre-order deadline, however it will be limited edition so make sure you don’t miss out!

Pre-order deadline is Sunday 6th December and we anticipate our production delivery to be mid to late January 2016. All clothing orders have free shipping within Australia and flat rate $10 International. We will keep you up to date with the progress of production. If you miss the deadline, we will have a small selection of clothing left for order in February 2016.

We’ve got gorgeous light weight screen printed linen and digital printed silk in our custom prints. We’ve spent time perfecting all new shapes in the garments and they are absolute favourites here in the Polli team and we hope you love them too! The styles can easily translate from Summer to Autumn Wardrobe too.
All our clothing is proudly Australian made, and produced in small runs. We’ve brought back the popular Clouds print on a lighter weight Linen, now available in a new fit dress, singlet and skirt. Our super popular Copenhagen print is also available in Linen and silk, and introducing the gorgeous Florabelle print by Melbourne artist Annie Davidson.
Shop the new clothing now!

*Note: model in photos wears XSmall in all clothing, in some styles this fits more like an AU 8-10.

** Returns policy: We understand that purchasing clothing online can be tricky if you’re unsure of your size. If the fit is not right we’re happy to exchange clothing items, provided the clothing is in its original condition up to 14 day from delivery.…

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Here at Polli we love to cook and eat wholesome food! We always get asked for recipes so we’ve decided to share the love! Every month we will post a tried and true recipe right here on the blog.

Lindsay makes the most AMAZING pumpkin pie. All of us in the studio couldn’t help eat 2 servings each, it is just so moorish. So here it is Lindsay’s famous pumpkin pie which is gluten, and refined sugar free! It can also easily be adapted to be dairy free too. Yummo!

1 3/4 cups pumpkin puree (I roast like half a Kent or Jap pumpkin and usually this covers it. Butternut can also be used too)
1-2 Tbsps rice malt syrup (depends on how sweet you want it)
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger (I grate fresh ginger)
1/4 teaspoon ground all spice
A few gratings of fresh nutmeg (or a pinch of ground nutmeg)
3/4 cups cream* (this can be reduced if need be should you have extra pumpkin, just add the cream last)
3 eggs
*swap to coconut cream for dairy free
60g chilled cubed butter
2 cups almond or hazelnut meal, or a combination of both, or LSA.
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 tsp of ground cardamom (cos I love cardamom – so delicious!)
1-2 tbsp coconut sugar


Preheat oven to 200. In the processor add the meal, salt, cardamom then the cubed butter. Wizz up. It will first be like the consistency on bread crumbs then will start to slightly come together. Stop at this point. Line a pie dish with baking paper and press the crust stuff in evenly. I whack it in the fridge for like 15mins so it firms up a little (although this can be skipped).
Blind bake the crust for 10mins until it starts to look golden, take out and cool.
For the filling – whisk the pumpkin and malt then add the spices. Then beat the eggs into it then lastly the cream.
Pour into the crust then bake at 200 for 15 mins, then turn it down to 170 for 30-40 mins or until it’s barely jiggling. When you stick a toothpick in it, it’s got to come out clean.
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We’re packing our bags and bringing the new range to sell at this weekend’s Finders Keepers Markets in Melbourne!
The markets will be held at the Royal Exhibition in Carlton from this Friday 22nd July at 6pm – 10pm, Saturday 23rd from 10am – 6pm and Sunday 24th from 10am – 5pm.

We’ll also be surrounded by some amazing talent (see above!) with 280 stalls, food trucks, live music and lots of happy vibes it’s going to be an all round awesome event. Check out the Finders Keepers website for more details. See you soon Melbourne!

P.S While the whole Polli team is on the road, any online orders placed between now and the 26th July, will be posted out 27th July – and we’ll give a free upgrade to Express Post. We’re sorry for any inconvenience!

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We’re packing our bags and bringing a whole heap of exciting products, one off’s and market specials to sell at this weekend’s Finders Keepers Markets in Melbourne!

The markets will be held at the magnificent Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton from this Friday 14th October at 6pm – 10pm, Saturday 15th from 10am – 6pm and Sunday 16th from 10am – 5pm.
With over 280 design, art and homewares stalls, food trucks, live music and lots of happy vibes it’s going to be an all round awesome event. Check out the Finders Keepers website for more details.
See you soon Melbourne!

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