Tips to help with blue collar recruitment Tullamarine


Anyone who’s been involved in the blue-collar workers recruitment Tullamarine is understanding that there are two major problems in the industry. There are too many jobs and not enough qualified people to fill them. A recent survey of construction firms revealed that 70% of them have difficulty filling Blue-collar positions.


Here are seven tips on how to recruit blue-collar employees in a tight market:


#1 Take advantage of niche job boards

The first step you need to take is to get your message to the right audience. This will streamline the application process and ensure that you get more high-quality candidates. A more targeted recruitment campaign focusing on these job boards will help.


#2 Incentivised referrals

One of the most proven and effective blue color recruitment methods is to get trusted existing employees to recruit competent people that they know. You can make this hiring method more attractive by rewarding both the existing and new employees.


#3 Hire veterans

While this is a small group, they are highly skilled and trained and far too often have high unemployment levels. With the military backgrounds, they often have extensive training in driving construction supply chain management and other skills that would prove very useful.

#4 Create an attractive apprenticeship programs

One change that has happened in recent years is that more and more millennials are understanding the benefits of blue collar careers. There’s an opportunity to revamp your apprenticeship program on attracting more high school graduates.


#5 Focus on the positives of Blue Collar careers

Some blue color careers are exhausting and they lack the glamor of tech Law or medicine careers. However, if you can show people clearly defined career paths and sit them in front of successful entrepreneurs who started in the same position, it will make blue collar careers from attractive.