Freelancers mostly have their own home office to work peacefully and productively. However, not all freelancers have the space to do their job without getting interrupted by the noise and constant distractions. Fortunately, the innovative idea of coworking spaces was discovered, providing just the right solution for most freelancers’ problems. Say no more to working in a crowded and noisy coffee place.


If you haven’t heard the word coworking, it’s the term used when talking about a shared office or space where freelancers, teams, business owners can work peacefully. The sweetest word freelancers could probably hear, especially that coworking spaces also have amenities that they can enjoy. However, coworking in Sydney is challenging since there are various types of coworking spaces out there. So, the first thing that you need is to know the options you have as a freelancer looking for a clean, quiet and affordable working place.


Here’s some of the best types of coworking spaces for freelancers.


Open Space Coworking

We are aware that there are various types of freelancer jobs which is usually the basis of choosing a suitable coworking space. So, an open coworking space is doable for freelancers who have jobs that offer more flexible necessities in terms of the working environment.

As the name suggests, this kind of shared space caters to almost anyone with the thought of creating a more collaborative and productive atmosphere. This is ideal for freelance writers who are fond of working in a wide and bright environment without minding the people around.


Professional Coworking Space

On the other hand, if your freelance job recommends a more corporate setting, a professional coworking space is the ideal option for you. Unlike the first one, this type is a formal and quiet environment. It also offers a more private area to keep your focus on your job, perfect for Virtual Assistants.


Specialized Coworking Space

However, if your freelance job is customer service, you might need to find a coworking space that offers a closed-door or more secluded area. Fortunately, some providers are open to the idea of customizing the room based on your needs. So, if you need a more private space, a specialized coworking space is the most suitable type for you.


Affordable Minimalists Coworking Space

One of the advantages of coworking space is its affordability compared to renting a whole office for yourself. So, a minimal design coworking space is a suitable type for freelancers who want to save money. This type is affordable since it offers just the very basic amenities along with a minimal amount of furniture.



Freelancing in Sydney offers attractive benefits, but one of the common struggles is finding a perfect place to work peacefully and one best solution is coworking. However, it’s vital to remember that there are various types of coworking spaces depending on the individual or company’s needs. As for freelancers, the ideal shared spaces are professional, minimalists, specialized or open coworking spaces. But, choosing the best coworking space will still depend on your preference for working as a freelancer.