Non-profit salary packaging (NFP salary packaging) is an efficient and cost-effective way for non-profit organisations to remunerate their employees. It involves offering employees the option of a portion of their salary being paid as a tax-free benefit. This can be done by setting up an agreement between the employer and the employee, which is managed by a third-party provider. This type of salary packaging has many benefits for both employers and employees, including reduced taxation costs, greater job satisfaction and improved recruitment prospects. It also allows non-profit organisations to maximise their limited resources to achieve maximum impact for their beneficiaries or cause. In this introduction, we will explore the benefits of NFP salary packaging.


Benefits of NFP Salary Packaging


Salary packaging, including Not-For-Profit (NFP) salary packaging, refers to an arrangement where employees can choose to receive part of their remuneration in the form of non-cash benefits or items with concessional tax treatment. NFP salary packaging can have several benefits for both employees and employers. Here are some of the key advantages:


Tax Savings


  • Salary packaging can reduce an employee’s taxable income. This can lead to lower income tax payments, potentially putting more money back in the employee’s pocket.
  • Many NFP organizations offer salary packaging arrangements with generous tax concessions, making it an attractive option for employees looking to maximize their take-home pay.


Increased Take-Home Pay


  • By restructuring their salary to include tax-effective benefits, employees can increase their disposable income without actually earning more money. This can be particularly beneficial for employees in higher tax brackets.


Flexible Benefits


  • NFP salary packaging allows employees to choose from a range of benefits, such as novated car leases, meal and entertainment expenses, superannuation contributions, and more. This flexibility allows employees to tailor their packages to their individual needs and priorities.


Enhanced Employee Attraction and Retention


  • Offering salary packaging as part of the compensation package can make an organization more attractive to potential employees and help retain current staff.
  • It can also be a cost-effective way for NFP organizations to compete with the private sector for talent.


Employee Satisfaction


  • Salary packaging can enhance employee satisfaction by providing them with a more customized and tax-efficient compensation package.
  • Employees may appreciate the ability to allocate more of their income to areas that are important to them, such as healthcare, education, or retirement savings.


Cost Savings for Employers


  • Some NFP organizations may receive benefits from offering salary packaging. For example, by allowing employees to salary package items like superannuation contributions, employers may reduce their payroll tax liabilities.


Support for NFP Goals


  • NFP organizations often have specific missions or objectives. Salary packaging can help employees contribute more effectively to these goals by allowing them to allocate their income towards areas directly related to the organization’s mission.


Improved Work-Life Balance


  • Salary packaging options like meal and entertainment expenses can improve an employee’s work-life balance by providing them with funds to enjoy leisure activities or dine out, which can help reduce stress and boost morale.


It’s essential to note that the specific benefits and tax implications of NFP salary packaging can vary depending on individual circumstances, the organization’s policies, and applicable tax laws. Employees and employers should consult with tax professionals or financial advisors to understand the implications and advantages of salary packaging in their specific situations.




In conclusion, salary packaging through NFP is a great way for employers to reward their employees with tax savings and greater financial flexibility. In addition to the various employee benefits it provides, NFP salary packaging also helps businesses save costs on payroll taxes and administrative paperwork. This makes it an attractive solution for organizations looking to reward their staff in a fiscally responsible manner.