Wheels are an essential part of any vehicle. You can’t go driving around without them, unless you’re in the movie Cars, which personally I think is just weird. Wheels are also expensive when it comes to buying a new car. Here’s our list of how much the set of wheels costs in Australia .


By Price Range

Here you’ll find what you should expect to pay for your new wheels based on settings in various Australian states. There will be only one price range in each section, so keep this mind if there are several cars you could buy in that state with similar prices ranges. For example, Queensland is divided into Brisbane and Outside Brisbane, meaning that depending on where you live you’d expect to pay different prices for the same car

In Adelaide , it costs between $1,995 – $2,995 for a set of wheels, whereas In Brisbane , it costs between $4,100 – $5,500 .

By Size/Type

As well as by price range we have also included what type or size of wheel you can expect to buy. How much a set of wheels cost is largely up to your preference which is why there are three categories below Mainly ”Upgrades”, Mainly ”Repairs” and “Both” where you can find how much it would cost if you were looking for replacements or repairs .

In Adelaide , it will cost mostly upgrades from around $350 revs upwards depending on whether you want alloy, steel wheels, mags and the like.

In Brisbane , it will cost both repairs and upgrades from around $75 for a standard wheel to upwards of $1650 – $2400 for alloy wheels .


Other Tips & Information

There are other factors that will play into how much your new set of wheels will ultimately cost you. Here’s some helpful information about other factors that might increase or decrease the amount you’ll pay in total:

* The place where you buy your new set of wheels can have a significant impact on how much they cost, so consider going online to find good deals. For example, if you were looking in Adelaide , JB HiFi would be a good choice because offer great services when it comes to selling and maintaining your wheels.

* The quality of the wheels you buy will also affect how much they cost, so choose good manufacturers if not only for the warranty but because cheaper alternatives might be weaker and less durable.

* If you think buying new alloy wheels isn’t worth it based on price alone, then shop car wheels online in Australia where you can get used but still in very good condition alloy rims at a lower price.