Aviator sunglasses, known for their distinctive teardrop-shaped lenses and classic metal frames, have been a symbol of timeless style and functionality for nearly a century. Originally designed to protect the eyes of aviators from the harsh glare of the sun, these iconic sunglasses have transcended their utilitarian roots to become a fashion statement embraced by people from all walks of life. In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating history, enduring appeal, and factors that have made aviator sunnies a beloved accessory that never goes out of style.


A Glimpse into History


The story of aviator sunglasses begins in the early 20th century when the U.S. Army Air Corps, the forerunner of today’s U.S. Air Force, sought a solution to protect pilots’ eyes from the intense sunlight at high altitudes. In 1936, American optical company Bausch & Lomb, under the brand Ray-Ban, answered the call by creating a pair of sunglasses designed to reduce glare and protect pilots’ vision. The initial design featured a metal frame with large, teardrop-shaped, green-tinted lenses. This unique design effectively shields pilots’ eyes while providing a wide field of vision. These sunglasses were named “Ray-Ban Aviator,” coining the term that’s now synonymous with this iconic style.


During World War II, aviator sunglasses became a standard issue for military pilots, further solidifying their association with aviation. After the war, veterans returning home continued to wear aviator sunnies, and the style gained popularity among civilians.


Key Features of Aviator Sunglasses


Aviator sunglasses are distinguished by several key features that contribute to their enduring popularity:


Teardrop-Shaped Lenses: The characteristic teardrop shape not only provides a distinctive appearance but also offers excellent coverage for the eyes, protecting them from sun, wind, and glare from all angles.


Metal Frames: Aviator sunglasses typically feature thin, metal frames, which are both lightweight and durable. The materials used, such as stainless steel or titanium, ensure longevity and a comfortable fit.


Double or Triple Bridge: Most aviators feature a double or triple bridge across the top of the frame. This not only adds stability but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the sunglasses.


Large Lenses: The lenses of aviator sunglasses are generally larger than those of other sunglasses, which offers better protection from harmful UV rays and glare. This feature also adds to the sunglasses’ distinctive look.


Variety of Lens Colors: While the original aviator sunglasses had green-tinted lenses, modern versions come in various lens colours, including grey, brown, and mirrored options. These colours serve different purposes and can suit various style preferences.

The Timeless Appeal of Aviator Sunnies


What is it that makes aviator sunglasses a timeless fashion icon? Several factors contribute to their enduring appeal:


Universally Flattering: Aviator sunglasses have a versatile design that complements various face shapes. The teardrop shape and adjustable nose pads ensure a comfortable fit for many wearers.


Classic and Timeless: The aviator style has remained relatively unchanged since its inception. Its timeless design has an ageless appeal, making it a go-to choice for those who appreciate classic fashion.


Versatility: Aviator sunglasses are incredibly versatile. They pair well with both casual and formal outfits, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions.


Celebrity Endorsement: Over the years, numerous celebrities and public figures have been spotted wearing aviator sunnies, which has significantly contributed to their popularity. From Hollywood stars to rock legends, the aviator style has graced the faces of many iconic figures.


UV Protection: Beyond their aesthetic appeal, aviator sunglasses offer excellent UV protection. The large lenses and shape provide a high level of coverage, which is essential for eye health.


Cultural Significance: Aviator sunglasses carry a sense of adventure and sophistication, reminiscent of the aviators and pilots of the past. They have become a symbol of freedom, exploration, and fearlessness.


Modern Takes on a Classic


While the original aviator design remains popular, contemporary versions have added new elements to keep the style fresh and exciting. Some variations include:


Mirrored Lenses: Mirrored aviator sunglasses not only reduce glare but also add a modern and edgy look to the classic design.


Colourful Frames: Aviator sunglasses are now available in a wide array of frame colours, allowing wearers to express their style.


Polarized Lenses: Polarized aviator sunglasses are perfect for reducing glare from surfaces like water, making them an ideal choice for outdoor activities like boating or fishing.


Gradient Lenses: Gradient lenses transition from a darker tint at the top to a lighter shade at the bottom. This design offers a unique look and provides the benefit of clear vision when looking down.


Choosing the Perfect Pair



When selecting aviator sunglasses, there are several factors to consider:


Face Shape: Determine your face shape to find the aviator style that complements your features.


Lens Color: Choose a lens colour that suits your style and needs. For instance, grey lenses provide true colour perception, while brown lenses enhance contrast.


Frame Material: Consider the frame material. Metal frames offer durability and a classic look, while other materials can provide a unique twist on the traditional design.


UV Protection: Ensure the sunglasses offer adequate UV protection. Look for lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.


Comfort and Fit: Aviator sunglasses should fit comfortably on your nose and ears without sliding down. Adjustable nose pads can enhance the fit.




Aviator sunglasses are more than just eyewear; they are a symbol of enduring style, functionality, and cultural significance. From their origins in aviation to their status as timeless fashion icons, aviator sunnies continue to capture the hearts and eyes of wearers around the world. Whether you’re looking for a classic pair reminiscent of the past or a modern interpretation with unique features, aviator sunglasses are a testament to the enduring power of good design and timeless fashion.