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At the core of Polli's values is our commitment to the environment and being a socially responsible business.

We pride ourselves on quality not just for the end product but for the life cycle of the product. Our hearts sing just knowing many Polli customers have been wearing and loving pieces for over 10 years. From an ethical perspective that is important to us to promote longevity of all our products.

Conscious choices are made when designing and creating our products to source high-quality, sustainable materials. From the 70% recycled stainless steel used for our metal range to the Australian Hoop Pine Ply used for our wood jewellery. These materials go through the cycle with us, resulting in minimal wastage in all our production processes with most of the materials being 100% recyclable. Our clothing is manufactured in small runs in Australia and we use natural materials whenever possible including linen, silk and organic cotton. We promote slow fashion and conscious consumerism.

Here are just some of the GREEN efforts implemented by our Polli studio.

  • All our jewellery off cuts and used stainless steel / wooden sheets are sent to our local recycling facility
  • We use only cardboard and recyclable products for all our packaging
  • Efforts are put into sorting disposables into compostable and recyclable bins minimising what is contributed to landfill.
  • We recycle everything in house, right down to soft plastics with a local supplier - which are recycled into outdoor furniture and signage for schools and communities.
  • All lighting in our studio is sensor and timer based ┬ásubstantially reducing our energy emissions. We also use natural lighting wherever possible.
  • In reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible we will use local businesses and manufacturers, including our daily bicycle trip to take our orders to our local post depot.

We hope that our efforts can be an inspiration for others to live in a more sustainable manner.

In addition to sustainable and ethical practices with our production, we are also committed to fair trade and ethical treatment of our production processes. Our Polli staff are paid above award wage. We use local manufacturers here in Australia to source, laser cut, etch and paint our materials who are all accredited workplaces with above award wages.

Not dictated by trends, our design belief is "good things take time" as such our collections are designed with lots of thought, crafted right here in our Byron studio from the twisting, sanding to the final hand assembling.

Creating these meaningful, timeless pieces take on our holistic approach we apply to work and to life here in the Polli studio.

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