Introducing our new Modern Bohemian Stainless Steel range!

modern bohemian new collection stainless steel

So excited to FINALLY share with you all our brand new Modern Bohemian Stainless Steel Range! We are releasing this range in parts, the very first part is our Stainless Steel collection. In this collection we have pendants, earrings and studs. We've played with best selling and favourite shapes and introduced elements of movement throughout some bold new and exciting pieces. We're really thrilled with the results and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Modern Bohemian is inspired by a celebration of everything bohemian; by tales of adventure and the beautifully eclectic free spirited lifestyle. It features a mix of clean lines and functionality of classic modern design blended with decorative patterns and motifs influenced by nature, tapestry, kilim rugs, ornate tiles and handmade elements. The collection has also been heavily inspired by Polli’s new surroundings in the hills of Byron Bay. 

The pictures featured below are all by the wonderfully talented Karina Sharpe who has beautifully capture our pieces and the theme of the collection. 

We're super excited to share with you the next parts of the range over the next few weeks! 

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